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Rochak Handknit Craft

Handknit Manufacturer

Hand knitting and Nepal have a long history together and we are proud to be part of this valuable tradition. We have been hand knitting since long time (its been around 25 years) and we are glad we are able to continue the work till date.

We work with women working in small group in our local communities. Most of them are housewives, who gather some time to hand knit along with their daily chores.

We believe in fair, ethical and responsible manufacturing practices. All our works are free of child labor, paid fair wages and are conducted in healthy working environment.

We source our materials from locally produced yarns as well as yarns sourced from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa. These are specialty yarns like Mohair & Cashmere.

We love to met new aspiring people who sees values of hand made and love hand knitted products.If you are one of the below, we could help you in achieving your requirement on hand knit products.

  • Small boutiques
  • large department stores
  • fair trade shops
  • diaspora Nepali
  • aspiring entrepreneurs
Women at work - Rochak Handknit Craft

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