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Rochak Handknit Craft

About Rochak Hand knit Craft

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Rochak Hand Knit Craft is a manufacturer of hand knitted products by group of local women. We use all kinds of handknitting materials to create beautiful knitted product. We are an small organization started in 1996.

Rochak Handknit Craft’s journey was started by Mrs. Rukmani Devi Shrestha who is the proprietor of the company. Her interest & dedication in hand knitting lead her to form a group consisting of local women with similar interest. After working for number of years as individual & then as a group, she started creating & selling handknitted goods to local shops, local manufacturers eventually to export internationally.

Today, we have established ourselves as one of the oldest & trustable handknitting manufacturer. We have grown to employ 8 regular staff with more than 200 household knitter who believe & work with us.

We Strive for

Fair Trade Values

We Pledge

Good Working Environment

We believe in

Ethical Approach to Production

Our Strength lies in

Regular Employees
Women home knitters
Commited to
Quality products

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