About Rochak Hand knit Craft

Rochak Hand Knit Craft is a dedicated manufacturer of wide variety of hand knitted products from wool, cotton, hemp and other natural fiber. Since our establishment in 1990, we have been continuously improving our quality of work.

Our journey started with Mrs. Rukmani Devi Shrestha interest in the weaving & knitting. She and her group of similar like minded women artisan is the soul to the organization.

We work closely with the designers & firms who are involved in producing under their own designs and selling through their own names.

We understand that the industry we operate is very dynamic and we need to move along with the growing trend. We are always very conscious about the output of the work and the end users/consumers satisfaction. The management and the working employees are always dedicated to offer the best work that improve our products we make.

About Proprietor

Mrs. Rukmani Devi Shrestha is the proprietor of Rochak Hand knit craft. She was born on …… at central village of Chautara district, Sindhupalchowk zone,Nepal. She was the first child among 4 child of Mr. Amir lal shrestha and Pran Maya Shrestha.After her father marriage with other women, she with her mother & 3 siblings started living separately.

She grew up running their own shop. She use to handle all the transactions & frequently visited capital city for buying items for shop. Though she never went to a school due to her work in the shop, she had & still have the hunger to study. She repeatly appear in many of the governmental exams but failed many times. Even after this she tried her best to graduate from the school and so she did in … … …

At the age of … … … she married to Rajendra Man shrestha and they moved to the capital for better opportunities. To help her family she continued the job as a teacher. Along with it, she also started knitting and manufacturing hand made products for the local shops. Her diligent effort & little she achieved she was motivated to register a formal organization with her husband. Which she did named after her 2nd son Rochak, naming it Rochak Hand knit Craft. The organization would then fill in the gaps of three things she thought it would fulfill. One to pursue her interest in knitting to higher level, Two: improving the lifestyle of women by empowering them, three: creating sustainable hand knitting business organization.

Mrs. Rukmani was immensely motivated by other womens that have been achieving greater heights. One of those successful women that had deeply influenced was Mrs. Indira Sapkota, who was an inspirational women that helped a lot of women to grow out of their household shield. Till date, Rukmani is obliged to her.

Despite many hurdles, challenges & time Rukmani is still working to her best. She have been involving in day to day operation & achieving new heights. She is the proprietor, a loving wife, a caring mother for three children & inspiration to many people.

Our History
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Registration Details

Rochak Hand knit Craft is registered under Department of Cottage & Small Industries, Nepal with Permanent Account Number of 500100770. We have also registered member of following governmental & non-governmental organization.

Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal
Registered number:2544
Registration date: 26 August 2007


Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal was established in 1972 to enhance and promote handicraft trade and industry. FHAN is a service oriented non-profit organization of private sector business and artisan community. FHAN helps its members to improve their productivity, explore markets and introduce them to the international arena. FHAN also works as liaison between its members and the Government and Non-Government Organizations.

Rochak Hand knit craft had been active member of FHAN since 2007. FHAN had been providing us with the necessary details about the national & international trade fairs, conducting trainings & programs.

Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association Nepal (FWEAN)
Registered number: 258
Registration date:

It is an apex body of Women Entrepreneurs Associations in Nepal. It was established in July 11, 2003: with a Vision to contribute to nation building through socio-economic empowerment of women and a Mission to promote women entrepreneurship through advocacy, networking, information dissemination, capacity building and promotion of women entrepreneurs throughout the country.



So how does
Rochak Hand Knit Craft
 stand out in the crowd?

  • We are the direct Manufacturer, therefore the need of agents is bypassed.
  • We have more than 25 years of experience in hand knitting business environment & its governing industry.
  • Our priority is always on Quality goods
  • We work strictly to accordingly to the delivery date
  • Our flexible teams are able to handle large volume of order
  • We are able to effectively communicate with technological mediums

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Why Handmade?

Each one of us are UNIQUE, so are every Hand Made goods.

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